Monday, March 23, 2009

Pop Culture Blogs

So I know many of you stay up late at night wondering.. what pop culture blogs/websites does CrOW (me) read? Well I have the cure for you insomnia this morning.. My list of favorite pop culture websites... in no particular order.

Pop Candy
I discovered this USA Today blog a few years ago.. and now I can't live without it.. It's written by the ultra cool, ultra savvy, Whitney Matheson. She covers a wide array of pop culture.. Everything from cool indie music to the latest graphic novels.. She's really cool and fun to read. She even has a podcast where she shares free music and interviews the very cool. She has very similar taste in movies and television.. She's a fan of "Buffy" and "Lost." In fact she does a weekly lost post where people comment about that weeks show and she posts the 10 most interesting comments. Oh and her graphic novel guide.. is a must. Also she reads a lot of books and has good recommendations.. Please check it out... because perhaps one day I will be the featured reader of the day.. If I ever get around to sending my profile.

Aint It Cool News

This is a great site for movie and tv news and rumors.. My only piece of advice.. completely avoid the talkbacks.. Everyone that post comments has the maturity level of a seven year old. They can't post without insulting someone or something. My favorite person from the site is Herc.. he monitors the TV section.. and has for the most part great taste.. If you read anything from Harry be aware that he loves to hyperbolize his movie reviews... but it's still a lot of fun to read because he has such a passion for movies..

Dark Horizons
This is actually one of the very first movie news sites I found when the Internet was just a young new thing. Garth Franklin runs the site and he's pretty cool.. My only complaint is he only updates the site once a day or two.. all at once.. Whereas Aint It Cool updates whenever there is a new story.. I also really like the site's calendar section for upcoming movies, dvds, etc.. Also the movie trailer section is great. Well worth a bookmark.

Entertainment Weekly
This is the official website for Entertainment Weekly.. The wonderful magazine of which I subscribe to and read cover to cover every week.. There are a lot of reviews.. and articles.. and tv/movie scoop to be found in the site. If your a "Lost" fan be sure to check out Doc Jensen's weekly column.. and web video.. A lot of fun. A definite must for fans of... well... Entertainment.

There are a few more sites I visit frequently.. Whedonesque, TV Guide, and E Online's Watch with Kristen.. All worth your time.. and perhaps worthy of their own blog post.. But until then... go watch the "Battlestar" finale.. and this week's "Dollhouse" which finally got really good.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A roundup of sorts

I had to start this post with the preceding trailer. Because it is awesome. It's the third and final trailer for the new "Star Trek" movie coming out in May. It is directed by J.J. Abrams who created or co-created "Alias" and "Lost" and co-wrote and directed the last Mission Impossible movie (the good one). He is my second favorite guy in Hollywood. So I am very excited about this movie.. I've already been reading the prequel comic book which ties in the new movie to the "Next Generation" era. So far it's great and gives me hope that the movie will also be good. I was a Trekkie in my early teens.. back when TNG was still on the air... I subsequently watched all the Star Trek movies, DS9(way underrated), Voyager, and some of Enterprise. And in anticipation of this movie I have gone back and started watching the original series. Which turns out had some good and not so good episodes... but fun to watch either way. I knew Kirk and the gang from the movies but the series is a whole 'nuther ball game. "City At The Edge of Forever" comes on this week... considered the best original series episode.. so I'm excited... Anyways the combination of Abrams, Star Trek, and early "very very" positive buzz.. has me dying to see this one. I hear non Star Trek people should enjoy it as well... I know that's a hard sell.. but come on i has Simon Pegg as Scotty... that's worth the price of admission alone, right?

Next topic... "Lost." Oh the season is so good. And for some reason there's a rerun next week.. right in the first week of sweeps.. It makes no sense. Anways just thought I'd plug my favorite show right now.

And finally... speaking of my favorite people in Hollywood... my favorite person is Joss Whedon... creator of such outstanding shows as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," and "Firefly"(and the movie sequel "Serenity"). So he's got a new show on the air called "Dollhouse." It stars Eliza Dushku as a woman who is has her memory wiped each week by an organization called the Dollhouse... She is then imprinted with a new persona.. and she and her skills are "rented" out to people who are in need of crazy things... It's kind of hard to explain the premise but... anyway it premiered a few weeks ago.. The internet buzz was that it wasn't very good. And so I lowered my expectations... and that was probably a good idea.. the show has some very promising parts.. but it hasn't won me over yet... I do have complete faith that the show will rock given the chance to find its footing... Dushku has been saying in interviews that the show starts taking off on episode six... Episode four was on last night... so if you have a tivo start recording the show... and if you don't want to watch it.... just leave it running so it can get some ratings... and not get cancelled... Trust me I have faith this show's going to be great if given the time to grow.. But since the show isn't quite excellent yet.. I have another treat for people who aren't sure about this Joss Whedon guy... It's called "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog," and it's a grand piece of entertainment... So check it out... Trust me it's worth it.. It's under an hour long... and it's a musical about super villains.. WATCH IT NOW!!