Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple day x2

So today is 9-9-09. It's a day I've been waiting for, for some time. Why, you ask... because all of the Beatles albums are being released today.. completely remastered. The albums haven't been touched since the late 80's back at the dawn of the CD. And apparently the transfers weren't very good. So now they've been remastered and according to every article I've read... they sound amazing. I haven't decided if I'm going to repurchase the albums... At this point I think I might buy one and see what the difference is.. and go from there.

Also out today is "Beatles: Rock Band" for Wii, Playstation 2, and XBOX 360. At this point I don't have plans to buy it but my friend already has it on order and we have a Beatles party night planned. I'm really excited. The reviews for the game have been stellar... and I only just discovered that I like "Rock Band" so I'm looking forward to playing it.

Finally, Apple (the computer company, not the Beatles record company) is having a big event today where they're expected to talk about the latest edition of the Ipod touch... an announcement I've been waiting for, for years. I'm hoping they announce a storage improvement. Rumor is that the storage will be upped to 64 gigs... and that a camera and microphone are going to be added. We shall see. But I have money stored away for just such a purchase.

There's also a small chance Apple will announce that the Beatles are finally coming to Itunes.. due to the coinciding of the two events.. but advance buzz is that it won't happen. We shall see. Everyone have a great 9-9-09... I now have to go to a crappy work meeting. See ya.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I finally saw "Paper Heart"

So I'm not sure if I wrote a blog about my Sundance experience this year. But if I did I probably mentioned that we waited in line for a few movies we weren't able to get into. One of those lines was "Paper Heart." It's a film starring Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera. It's a hybrid documentary/fiction film.

The film follows comedienne Yi as she talks to different people across the about their love lives. There's some funny stuff and some touching stuff.

The fictional storyline follows Yi as she "falls in love" with actor Michael Cera. Apparently the jury is still out as to whether to the two ever actually dated in real life. At last check they had not. But I wouldn't be surprised to hear differently tomorrow. In the end I guess it doesn't matter. Cera is as usual pretty funny. And Yi does some fun scenes with paper machete...

It's a cute little movie but definitely not worth $8.00. It wasn't worth the wait. It's more of a redbox rental. So check it out then.. just be aware that the scenes with Cera were all scripted.

Grade: B-