Saturday, October 31, 2009

I hated her... so... much...

So it's Halloween today. I'm up at 2:30 in the morning... and I thought what better time than to write about one of my favorite Halloween movies. It may not be what you expect. My favorite Halloween movies actually aren't horror flicks. They're comedies. And since I've already written a blog about the greatness that is "Ghostbusters," I've decided to write about my other favorite Halloween comedy, "Clue."

I'm amazed at how many people can quote this movie. I thought it was a little gem that only I knew about. But I was wrong. It seems like everybody I know is fond of "Clue." Of course, there are exceptions but for the most part people like "Clue." I can think of numerous times I've bonded over "Clue." Here are a few that come to mind:

My best friend when I was a kid, Trevor, and I used to borrow this movie from our neighbors all the time and watch it. (This is when I discovered "Clue.")

On my mission when one of my companions told me it was his favorite movie. He said he wasn't a movie person but that he'd watched "Clue" dozens of times.. and planned to watch it dozens more.. Ahh Elder Howard... you sure were disobedient.

The first girl I kissed loved "Clue" and her brother loved it even more. We watched it at her house and they both kept saying how much they loved the movie.

Two weeks ago, at work, I mentioned this was one of my favorite movies.. and everybody in the room agreed that the movie was great and everyone decided they were going to go rent it that weekend and watch it.. (most of them did, including myself)

There are other stories but those are the ones that come to mind tonight.

The other thing I've found is everyone seems to agree that the best quote from the film comes from Mrs. White.

They don't make madcap comedies like this anymore. I heard another movie based on the game "Clue" is in the works. I don't know if it'll be any good, but it'll be hard for it to be more memorable or fun than the 1985 film.

IMHO, this is Tim Curry's best role. How he was able to remember all those lines.. I don't know.

So that's my love letter to "Clue." On related note, can I tell you how unhappy I am that they've changed the original game.. and I read somewhere they are no longer selling the old one (although I've seen them online, I don't know if they're only old copies)...
Anywhoo, they've made Colonel Mustard a football player, and Professor Plum a video game designer.. I don't have a problem with having a different version of the game, ( I would like to play the "24" version) I do have a problem with it replacing the original. And who knows, maybe what I read was wrong.. but if not.. Hasbro needs some talking to.

PS. Even if you were right, that would be one plus one plus two plus one, not one plus *two* plus one plus one.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Attention Nielsen households!

Attention Nielsen households, I would like a moment of your time. It's true I've never met anyone who said they belong to the mysterious group of people who decide what it is Americans watch on TV. To be honest I'm not entirely sure that you exist... or that if you do exist you are not a bunch of funny monkeys.

But for whatever reason, the gods have decided that you are the people that matter. You are the ones that tell the networks what is popular and what people are watching... despite the fact that technology has improved so much in the past ten years... that we probably don't need a random sampling of TV "viewers." I'm sure there's probably a way that the "powers that be" could create a system where almost everyone's viewing habits mattered... but apparently society would rather stay put in the 80's.

Now I know we've had a difficult relationship in the past. It's because of you "Arrested Development" is no longer on the air. It's your fault "Firefly" no longer charms sci-fi audiences. "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" would be in it's 8th season without you.. It's your fault that "American Idol" is the top rated show on television. I won't lie. I am bitter. But you have done a few good things... somehow "Lost" is still on the air... Okay, so you've really only done one good thing.

But I'm willing to put all problems aside if you will please watch "Dollhouse." The rumor mill is suggesting that the show may not be long for this world. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN. Make a difference. Watch a show that is different. That is fun. That is challenging. Don't let another "Firefly" happen.

Yes, "Dollhouse" isn't the best show on TV.. but it one day could be. Don't let this show die before it's had a chance to become great. Stop watching "Dancing with the Stars." Please.

I will send you money.

Thanks for your time.

PS. Please also watch "Good Morning Utah"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Overload

So, as soon as you guys start commenting more, I'll start posting more. That's a promise...

Anywhoo. So the new TV season has started and almost everything I watch is on Thursday night. If I didn't have the Internet and Tivo I don't know what I'd do. I'm giving "Flashforward" a chance right now. The first episode was pretty good.. I love the premise but I'm not sure I love the characters. Maybe after a few weeks there will be some character development. If not I may have to re-evaluate.

On NBC it's all comedy, all the time. I've been enjoying the oddly titled "Weekend Update" Thursday edition. It's good to see Seth and Amy back at the desk. And the opening sketches have been great. The same cannot be said for the actual Saturday night show which I didn't think was very good at all on Saturday.

That's followed by "Parks and Recreation" which I think is getting better all the time. I love all of the actors in the show and I think they're starting to understand their characters better. My favorite character is Andy who is played by the always excellent Chris Pratt. I hope this show gets the chance to mature and be great. Remember, "The Office" and "30 Rock" weren't awesome at the beginning of their runs. Shows, particularly sitcoms can get better with age.

Speaking of "The Office" I've been enjoying this season. I've heard some people tell me it's not as funny as it used to be. And sure some episodes aren't that great.. but compared to most other sitcoms this stuff is gold.. so lay off people and enjoy the show. I hear the wedding episode is supposed to be good. Although, I hear it's an hour long and some of those hour long episodes aren't as good as the half hour ones... so we'll see.

I watched the first episode of "Community" and wasn't that impressed... and since my plate is full right now I'm not going back... But if the show's still around in the summer I'm open to giving it another chance. I do love some Joel McHale, John Oliver, and Chevy Chase.

"Fringe" is also on Thursday nights. I didn't love last week's episode. It felt familiar and not all that interesting. I'm all for the continuity stuff and last week just felt like filler. Here's hoping they get back to the alternate universe stuff. I really like this show and hope it doesn't start losing it's charm.

"Supernatural" has been pretty good so far. The brothers are fighting right now and so they are separated... hopefully that will get fixed soon and we can get back to some of the more silly episodes which are my favorite. Ben Edlund rules.

"30 Rock" has not premiered yet. I'm counting the days.

So that's Thursday night for you. I'm going to have to spread the shows throughout the week so as to not be overwhelmed. I don't have any shows on Tuesday and the rest of the week is pretty slim. These TV programmers need to get on their game.

So what have you thought of the TV season so far? Any new shows you love? Any old ones that aren't good anymore? What's the verdict?

PS I think you should all watch "Good Morning Utah" I hear that show's amazing!