Monday, May 18, 2009

The Television Season (Monday Edition)

All right... first off. "Star Trek" gets an A. I've seen it twice now.. and I can't come up with any noticeable flaws. Go see it!

Okay now on to my latest project.. I am going to evaluate this past season's television shows. A warning to everyone... SPOILER ALERT! If you do not want to be spoiled on certain shows do not read their reviews.

And we're going to start with Monday.. We kick the night off with "House".. I enjoy watching "House" but I only get really interested when there are changes in the lives of the characters.. I could really care less about the "patient of the week." And this season.. there were a few really good episodes where characters went through dramatic things cough Kutner's death cough.. but for the most part they were average episodes.. In the finale they made it look like a lot of things happened that actually didn't happen.. A device I'll fall for once.. but they've gone down this road before.. Call me back when something actually happens between House and Cuddy.
Season grade: B-
Season finale: C-

"How I Met Your Mother" had a pretty good season. There were a couple less than funny episodes but.. I really enjoyed the Barney & Robin story line.. As well as some of the more random story lines about Lilly and Marshall.. The finale had some problems.. most notably the "goat hype" didn't live up to its potential.. Plus did they even have a slap bet episode this season.. If they did I don't remember it.. It's been too long.. Feel free to remind me..
Season grade: B+
Season Finale B

"24" got good again this season.. Last season almost made me give up on the show.. This season the show moved to D.C... I'm not sure if that's why it's better but the change of venue definitely helped.. The episode set in the White House was awesome.. I couldn't breath for portions of it.. I only have two complaints about the season.. First the novelty is wearing off a bit.. It's not as exciting as the first few seasons.. We're too familiar with it.. It's nothing producers or writers can really fix but.. it lessens my initial excitement about the show... And second: Tony!!! How could you? I trusted you.. I would've let you babysit my pretend children.. I'm so disappointed.
Season grade: A-
Season Finale grade A-

My hopes for "Heroes" was high this year.. There was all kinds of buzz after they premiered the finale at Comic-Con... So I was excited that they might rebound from a boring season 2.. My hopes were dashed.. I made it through the first half of the season.. hoping things would change.. they did not.. I did the unthinkable.. I quit the show... The characters I once loved had become parodies of themselves.. I heard the show got a little better after Bryan Fuller (of "Pushing Daisies" fame") came in.. So maybe I'll check it out on DVD.. We'll see... So sad.
Season grade: C-
Season finale grade: didn't see it

Next time.. we'll cover Tuesday...

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Rice.and.Mr.Pudding said...

Holy crap! Did you seriously forget Chuck? It should be at the top of the list for Mondays. Season gets an A, season finale gets an A-. And it's coming back for a 3rd season. Wahoo!