Saturday, May 23, 2009


Let me start off by saying how disappointed I am this weekend that "Terminator: Salvation" and the "Night at the Museum" sequel are getting really bad reviews.. I was really looking forward to "Terminator" and I wanted to see "Night" for the Amy Adams factor.. I'm sure I'll still end up seeing both of them eventually... but all my desire to run out and see them quickly has gone. I have high hopes for "Up" and "Drag Me To Hell" both which as of this typing are rated 100% at Rotten Tomatoes. Don't let me down.

On the the fact that I watch too much TV.. Tuesdays didn't have a ton to watch this season.. But "Fringe" the new J.J. Abrams sci-fi show was on now and again.. "Fringe" started out a little slow for me.. I liked watching it but was never enamored with it.. But as the season went on I started to enjoy it more and more.. It's still no "Lost" but perhaps it could be.. I will be sticking with it. The season finale.. had some cool #$%@ in it so... yeah.
Season grade: B
Season finale grade: B+

"Scrubs" ended this season.. or so I thought.. I thought it was a little more grounded this year.. which I think was an improvement.. It got a little too silly for it's own good the previous few seasons.. I thought the finale was great and a good sendoff for the characters... But wait.. what is this I hear? They're bringing the show back.. Bad idea. Bad idea. Let this show die in peace.. Sure it will be filled with new characters.. and some of the old one's will drop by from time to time.. but it's time to let this one end. Please!
Season grade: B
Series finale? grade: A-
Series renewal: F

I would like to mention a show that I won't review but needs attention: "Better Off Ted." The show is really funny and quirky.. I definitely recommend it. It's not for everyone but anyone who's a little twisted will enjoy it. Plus it comes from the creator of the wonderful "Andy Richter Controls the Universe"... one of the best (short lived) sitcoms of all time! The DVDs came out last month.. Do yourself a favor and check them out... You won't regret it.. If I were reviewing "Andy" it would get an A+. Anywhoo like I said check out "Better Off Ted" which somehow was miraculously renewed for another season. Yay!

Finally I need to mention a Monday show I neglected to review.. It was brought to my attention by Rice.and.Mr.Pudding. "Chuck"... I really enjoy "Chuck".. in fact I'm going to try to write a spec script of the show for a contest I'm entering.. I have a good outline.. I won't share it for fear my loyal readers may steal it... Anywhoo "Chuck" was also somehow miraculously renewed another season.. Let me just say this.. any show that brings in Scott Bakula.. is okay in my book.. It's such a great cast.. I of course love Adam Baldwin... of "Firefly" fame. I know a number of people who think this is one of the best shows on TV... and you know they're probably not wrong.. I thought the second to last episode was darn near perfect.. The finale lacked a little bite but was still good.. Anyone who just loves a good action, comedy, romance, with superb shout outs to superb 80's movies will like this show.. My only complaint is the show isn't serialized enough for my taste.. but other than that... who can't love a show that does an entire episode homaging the brilliant "King of Kong".... anyway I realize this review was a little scattered... but that's how it came out.. Since I neglected reviewing it earlier.. I will grade it a little different than the other shows..
Use of Scott Bakula: A
Use of Huey Lewis music: A
Use of Adam Baldwin: A
Second to last episode: A
Soundtrack in general: A
Renewal: A

Until next time... when I review the only Wednesday show worth watching: LOST! As if I don't talk about it enough..

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