Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Midweek Movie Reviews

I'm going to take a break from my TV reviews today to address to the new movies I saw in the theater this weekend.

The first movie I saw was "Up." It's the latest movie from the Studio called Pixar. You may have heard of them... Probably because they are incapable of making bad movies. Sure some are better than others but none of them are bad. "Up" is the story of Carl Fredrickson... He's an octogenarian who decides to fly his home to South America. I won't give away the circumstances behind his decision but it makes sense in context. The thing is.. he's got a stowaway on board. A young Boy Scout. The dynamic between the two is the heart of the film. The cool thing about Pixar is they get to make movies that no regular studio would greenlight. Just think about it... when's the last time you saw a movie where the main character was over sixty years old... and it's an adventure/comedy. The movie is touching, funny, adventurous, and just a lot of fun. A definite must see.
Grade: A

The second movie I saw this weekend was "Drag Me To Hell" -- which for the record couldn't be more different than "Up." But it was great all the same. The movie comes to us from the same crazy mind that brought us the "Evil Dead" trilogy and the "Spiderman" trilogy... (yes I know the third one was crap... but the first two were great). This new movie is a horror film... but the cool thing is that it's not like the horror films we get now days. It's not "The Grudge" or "Saw IV"... It's actually good. Sam Raimi scares us with what's not on screen. Which in my opinion is the sign of a talented director. There's not a lot of gore or blood.. In fact the movie is PG-13. It does have some definite gross out parts... but that's part of the fun.. Trust me you don't want me to give it away. You may not want to eat during the movie... or for a couple hours afterwards. The movie follows Alison Lohman's character.. She plays a bank loan officer who feels pressured into denying a loan extension to an old lady who it turns out is an evil gypsy. The gypsy curses her and hijinks ensue. I couldn't find one girl I know who had any desire to see this.. They're missing out. So as a great horror/comedy

I give this film an A-... As my friend Dave said, "It could've used some Bruce Campbell.


Nells-Bells said...

drag me to hell??? not heard much about it. i have heard about sam raimi i may have to go see it. UP is awesome. totally worth seeing and owning. we took mase. i know he didn't really get a lot of the story but that is the wonder of pixar: the animation is AMAZING. no kid can take their eyes off the screen...even if they don't understand the storyline. brilliant.

Nemesis said...

As my friend Dave said, "It could've used some Bruce Campbell.

Well yeah, that's true of pretty much every movie.

I agree that UP was wonderful. And I am so, so very happy I did not have to see that Hell movie with you.

Nemesis said...

Also, are you saying that you asked a bunch of OTHER girls to go with you?


Calvin Smooth said...

I would agree on your asessment of Up and Star Trek. Those were fun. Have not yet seen Drag me to Hell, but will do so. I liked The Evil Dead stuff but I am anti-spiderman. All three of em. And I do kind of like Justin Long sometimes.

Have you seen Anvil yet? That is supposedly out of this world. King of Kong style.

Erik A. said...

Saw Up and that Hell movie. Liked Up much more. I still wondering why Hell got such good reviews.