Monday, January 26, 2009

If you mean time-traveling bunnies, then yes.

Lost is back. And in case you are ignorant or uninformed this is a very good thing. I've tried to think what I should write about Lost..

Should I write that when I saw the pilot episode.. I wasn't that impressed... but decided to stick with it because it came from the creator of Alias... and then eventually realized this show is awesome.

Should I write how much better this show is than Heroes (a show that had a great first 21 episodes.. and then started to slowly sink into blahness.

Should I write.. that I waste more time than I should listening to podcasts that discuss multiple theories about what the show is about... Or that I scour websites the morning after the show for keen insights about what is happening.

Should I write that the official podcast is hilarious.. and well worth everyone's time.. because the creators of Lost are unbelievably goofy, nerdy and cool.

Should I write about how... in season three certain people started talking about how Lost had jumped the shark and wasn't answering any questions.. and wasn't good anymore... and how I disagreed.. and think that all of those people are dumb..

Should I write about how all those people came back in season four and realized the error of their ways... They're lucky I'm a forgiving person..

Should I write about how this season's premiere only upped the coolness factor because they're embracing the weird and crazy with time travel and Hurley humor.. and weird old time police ladies...

No I think I'll just write that everyone who hasn't given Lost a chance yet should go watch the best show on tv... check out the DVDs and catch up so they can be ready for the next and final season... where we will get the answers to most of your questions... I have faith!

Or all of the episodes are available at

But it's better on the widescreen.


Nells-Bells said...

yes, we are lost junkies. i admit to being frustrated by the many, many thousands of q's i had last season. and i started to count how many times i said, "huh?" during an episode. very upsetting. but i'm hopeful that we will have some of those q's answered this season. here's to being positive!

Calvin Smooth said...

You Lost me, (Pun intended) when you mentioned time travel cops. I dont hvae time. unless its that freaking awesome.

the new FOTC episode is pretty funny though, if you aint seen it yet...