Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's finally on Friday... or how I made my first post

I've debated for the past few years about whether or not to have a blog. My wife has a popular blog.. I often read people's blogs... but I've wondered whether I had the ability to be consistent.. and actually want to write something after the initial excitement wears off.. well we'll see.

Anyways I always knew if I wrote a blog it would have to be about pop culture.. because that is what I know. Assuming I stick with this thing you can expect to see reviews of TV, movies, music, websites, books, and whatever else I deem appropriate. As well as thoughts on entertainment news... (this most likely will not include celebrity gossip ugh) and maybe the occasional personal reflection... or not. Once again we'll see.

So what subject inspired me to jump through the rabbit hole.. Was it a great sci-fi movie, a lost Beatles track, or my love of Harry Potter.. No. It was football. Now hang on a second you say. I thought you didn't care for the sports. (Or you thought nothing 'cause you don't know me.) Well for the most part I don't.. but this isn't just any football. This is Friday Night Lights. Not the book. Not the movie. I'm talking about the critically acclaimed -- and loved by anyone who's watched more than 3 episodes -- TV show.

Now it says something about this show that despite it being about football I can't get enough of it. It's not my favorite show on TV. It's not the most action packed... or funniest show on TV.. But I tell you what.. It may be one of the best written shows on TV... ever. What do I mean by that? Well.. it feels like real life (except for a few moments from season 2 but I digress). For the unitiated... and I know there are a lot of you..(the show has dismal ratings) the show follows the lives of a number of Texas High School football players and some of their parents and signifigant others. The show which from what I understand is mostly shot on location in Texas.. feels dirty and real and I just find that exciting.

There are for the most part no crazy plot lines involving adultery, murder, or even aliens.. no the plot lines follow normal mother daughter relationships.. it follows how a coach can make a difference in the lives of his players... a real difference.. it follow the story of a shy kid who finds himself in the middle of a football storm.. Stories that any TV producer would laugh at and say there's no drama there. Oh but there is.

My mom even loves this show.. and my mom doesn't love many shows.. you can count on your hand the number of shows she feels good about watching... She says it's just so relatable.

Tonight -- if you have DIRECTV -- is the season 3 finale (possible series finale). And soon NBC will air this season's episodes. I haven't seen the finale but I can assume it's going to be great and heart wrenching and inspiring.. All I can say is if you haven't given this show a chance.. you need to.. whether you like football or not. You will not regret it.

I haven't done this show justice but.. for all of you who are curious.. Here is the series pilot.. which isn't the best ep but they get better. You can watch the first two seasons online at the wonderful Hulu. Or check out the DVDs.. you can find each season for $15.00 or so if you look around. Well worth the money. And for those who think season 2 gets a little drama heavy... season 3 returns to greatness.. Once again.. it will be on NBC starting this Friday..

One more thing: ONE WEEK UNTIL LOST!!!


Nemesis said...

So if I watch Friday Night Lights with you, can I get out of watching Lost? Just wondering. Almost thou dost persuade me.

Also, your wife sounds hot.

Calvin Smooth said...

I say you last about 3 weeks. It gets hard to stay motivated.
Is this as good as Firefly?
Thanks for the conchords tip...
Come visit sometime.

Rice.and.Mr.Pudding said...

Oh how I miss the good old days of Pop Culture Cafe. Those 5 episodes and our one fan will go down in the history books. It was like a white hot flame... super hot, but extinguished almost immediately. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, PCC will live again and bring joy to children all over the world. Or at least children with internet access... basically, children of middle-class families. Poor people are gross.