Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Holiday Movie Post

My wife, the blog expert says that if you can make it past your second blog post you're doing pretty good.. So one more to go. Today is Holiday movie day. A lot of big films came out Christmas day and I saw most of them.. So now you will be subjected to my opinions.

But I should say first that there was a certain movie trailer I saw in November that is better than any movie I saw in December. I think I've watched it 48 times since then. Yes I'm a nerd. There will be a post about this movie at some point.

So now to the movies. Marley and Me wasn't bad.. I went with my mom, two of my sisters, and my wife.. And half of them were very puffy eyed when we left the theater. There isn't a ton to the movie.. but if you like Jen Aniston, Owen Wilson, or dogs I think you'll probably enjoy this movie. My wife read the book after seeing the movie and apparently there are some changes between the two that don't necessarily make a lot of sense.. For example in the movie Owen Wilson's character wants to become a hard news reporter because he only kind of puts up with being a columnist.. but in the book he loves being a columnist. The weird thing is the change really doesn't have a huge affect on the movie... I'm curious... why the changes.

Next we have Valkyrie.. the new Tom Cruise movie about the German conspiracy to kill Hitler. I thought it was pretty good. The movie is based on a true story and is from what I understand pretty loyal to the actual events. I didn't know the story.. I did know they didn't kill Hitler.. because you know.... history. But it was still quite engaging.. And for the record I'm really tired of people beating up on Tom Cruise.. Don't we have better things to do. I listened to a podcast from the writer/producer of the film.. and he claims that 90% of the stuff that the media reported about Tom and the movie.. were completely fabricated.... for what that's worth. Anybody that saw Tropic Thunder knows the man has a sense of humor about himself. End of rant.

I saw Benjamin Button with my wife.. and as I'm sure you've heard.. the movie is long. It was okay. I recommend people see it because it has some intriguing ideas.. but I never really grew to care that much about the characters. My wife got teary eyed at some point.. so she didn't feel the same way... but I just didn't see what B.B. saw in Cate Blanchett's character. She was kind of obnoxious. I left without really caring about their relationship... which is kind of key to the movie.. The movie wants people to realize how precious the time we have with people is and how we should treasure it... which I think is a great thing to say.. I just think they could've done a better job of making the characters more likable.

I did not see the new Adam Sandler movie or Doubt. I hear one is really good and one not so much... but if you've seen either of them feel free to comment and give your opinion. Till next time.


Nemesis said...

I would like to point out here that when I become teary-eyed at a movie it doesn't necessarily mean it was good. It just means I am easily manipulated in that way.

Erik A. said...

After seeing B.B. I realized that it is much like Forrest Gump. Do you know if the writing was by the same person? Did you notice any similarities between the movies?

CRoW said...

Erik... you're not kidding.. check this out.

Atul said...

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