Friday, July 17, 2009

Year One

Yeah, I know. The reviews for this movie were horrible. But I just couldn't believe that a movie directed by Harold Ramis (Groundhogs Day) and starring Michael Cera and Jack Black could be all bad. I was kind of wrong. It pains me to say this but I think all of the funny parts were in the trailer. There were some cool supporting characters but they weren't really given much to do. The movie's not that long so it wasn't painful or anything. Just a major, major disappointment. I look forward to Cera's "Scott Pilgrim vs the World," and "Arrested Development: The Movie." I'm not sure what's up next for Black, but it probably can't be much worse than this.
"Year One" D+

P.S. This was the other half of the double feature I mentioned in yesterday's post.

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Nells-Bells said...

a combination of cera and black in a movie that stinks is truly disappointing. i wonder if pot is required to watch some of these movies. i mean really. really?? michael cera: you couldn't have done a better job with a cave man bit. really?? jack black: why? why would you not try harder. do more. i mean, really. ;)