Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter 6

Yeah, so I took a few days off but I'm back with a review of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." I saw the movie this past weekend and I'm glad I did.

In case you don't know, I'm a huge fan of the books and can't say enough positive things about them. I'm a big enough fan that I watched the ABC special the other night about a year in the life of J.K. Rowling. (It was good). So... the movie. I thought the movie was great. I have enjoyed most the of the HP movies and this one was as good as any of the others. Yes, in an ideal world, Harry Potter would be a miniseries on TV that could include every part of the book. But considering the length of these movies, they try. They made a couple of big changes from the book, some definitely unnecessary but in the end I was okay with it. I know some are complaining about all of the adolescence love scenes, but I quite enjoyed them. They gave a lot of needed humor to a dark movie.

I just look forward to the next two movies (they're breaking the last book into two movies.) I think they should have no reason to include all of the best parts, especially the battles.
HP 6 grade: A-

Now I want to hear from you... do you like the movies, what would you change if you could? And what do you hope will appear in the next two movies.. spoilers are allowed, cause come on you should have read the books by now.


Nells-Bells said...

i really liked this movie. i thought it was one of the best out of all the rest ("stop rhyming i mean it...anybody want a peanut??"). i too thought the love scenes added a much needed chiller in a movie full of intense, dark and sinister motives. i'm really glad they decided to cut the 7th and final book into to movies. this will HOPEFULLY give much breathing room to keep everything in and not take all the good stuff out. now...i just need to re-read it before totally embarrass myself. ;)

Bean said...

I LOVE the Harry Potter series and thought they did really well with this one. Many people complain with the changes but I have to look at the book and the movies as two different entities. They can't fit everything in and for artistic purposes or to explain things later on, they have to change things and I'm ok with that!